Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Of 101, rain & grill on last night

Hubby's cousins stayed for 3 nights before they left on Sunday evening by bus to Sibu.

Throughout their stays, we brought them around for good and tasty food and places of interest. The weather was kind on us as it was warm but by evening, it was 180 degree change.  Heavy rain with thunders. Kind of put us off to go out and venture under the cold and windy condition.

It was the same situation on their last night in Kuching. After driving around Kuching thinking of what and where to eat, we came here for dinner. 101 Premier food court! It is one of the biggest street food centre in Kuching where you could choose from over hundred of stalls!  I understand it is 101 stalls, and that is why the name. 101 Premier.

Just when we reached there, the rain has stopped but we did caught ourselves in light shower halfway through the dinner so we shifted ourselves inside the shop.  I personally prefer to dine under the starry night and gentle breeze but luck was not really on our side that night.  So we decided not to fight the inevitable and settle ourselves in the shop.

We were there around 630pm so not so crowded and we could easily find a vacant table around.

This is where we have our dinner. The Best Corner.

Hubby said this is really the best corner to have tasty grills so we ordered few seafood for our dinner.

First to come was this grilled sardine. It was so good, sweet and fresh. Everyone loved it very much. The flesh was flaky and sweet and with few sprinkles of lime juice, it created a very balanced acidic and sweet grilled fish.

Then came this super sized clams. This is good for those who enjoy spicy seafood. Its special chilli sauce was very spicy. The mollusc was fresh and not a hint of sandy smell.

I did not really enjoyed this sambal squids. The sambal was nice but not too spicy. The squid was rather chewy. I personally prefer softer texture but no one complained of this, so I guess everyone liked it.

We also have a plate of stir fried sambal midin, which was good. The vegetable was crunchy and this plate finished up in no time.

Other than the food from the grilled stall, we also ordered some food from a zhao chu stall. We knew the stall operator, who used to operate in one coffee shop in BDC but now he moves here.

So we had his fried noodle, which has enough wok hei and flavourful. 

The salted fish pork belly was good too. Actually it was better than any other places we have eaten in Kuching.

Overall the grilled food costs us RM71 while the food from zhao chu stall (plus stir fried kangkong) was RM50. Quite reasonably price for a nice dinner treat.

By the time we finished our dinner, it was just slightly past 8pm and the rain has stopped completely.

As we walked back to the carpark, the place was starting to pick up. Crowds were coming in and flooding the walkway.

And we also saw this street artist performing too. A young girl who rendered few songs while the brother, I assumed was playing the guitar. We could not help but gave some monetary reward to them. The girl maybe same age with Jan or younger but have to perform as street artist at night.  

Even Jay was curious and asked hubby why the girl did that. So we have to explain to him how lucky he was while some not so lucky and have to earn living at such young age. Hmm. Somehow on that night, I were not only went home with full tummy but with a solemn heart.


Ez Vina said...

I think thats the gal's father la, they always performed there. That gal can sing chinese, iban, bahasa, english songs. Very entertainning.

Nancy Chan said...

What a delightful dinner! All the dishes I like. The setting is very nice and I too think it is more cooling to sit in the open air.

Merryn said...

Our kids are indeed very lucky. I hope that little girl will have a bright future in her singing career or anything she does. Bless that girl.

Sharon D said...

What an exciting place to be with so many food stalls! I'd go crazy trying to choose what to eat. Bless the young lady who's trying to make a living by singing. May she go far in life.

Anonymous said...

Street artists, those kids? Hope they were there cos it was a weekend and on other days, only the father would be singing. They should be in school, at home studying, doing their homework. Like the photo I saw people sharing on Facebook - the poor sleepy little boy in Penang selling nasi lemak late into the night.

Princess Ribbon said...

My favourite is the squid here, but you said chewy, nevermind.. I don't mind trying some.. Looks very "hoi wai"..

Agnes said...

The price is reasonable with the seafood spread that you have ordered.
Hope they will become famous singers in the future.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves the fish and the clam...

Small Kucing said...

gosh...so many nice food. All those your ordered I would love leh. Must take note of this place. alamak...hujan....but lucky have place to shelter

mun said...

I like to eat seafood. Sedap!