Friday, April 10, 2015

My sandwich fix and a pancake princess

Yes! Now Kuchingites can enjoy beautifully and hearty hand-crafted gourmet sandwiches right in our home ground.

This Wrap N Go stall has just opened in Chen Fa Kopitiam, 101 Premier, Jalan Kempas least than a month ago. Actually they operated in another location before moving here. A right business choice as business is a brisk in this new location.

Photo taken from their FB page

I am, for sure, will come here more frequent. Have been wanting to try its gourmet sandwiches for few weeks but never get to it. Too far and lazy to drive to the city. So how happy I were that they have relocated to 101 Premier late last month.

The entrepreneur is a young man, who has passion in cooking as it is shown in his gourmet sandwiches. The mum who helped out was very friendly too.

"Go Aries" (RM9.00), a lamb sandwich is one of its kind. Truly different from what you could find in other places. I love that they serve it on a mini wooden board. 

The bread was good. Well toasted, and very dense texture. The shredded lamb was well seasoned and full of flavour, coupled with sweet roselle jam. Who would have thought of adding roselle jam in your sandwich? You could taste the savoury meat, sweet roselle and sour pineapples in the sandwich.

A truly hearty breakfast and I enjoyed my sandwich very much.

Next was this pancake delight (RM3.50) which got a big thumb up from my pancake-living girl. Indeed a very delightful breakfast for my pancake princess. She has been ranting to me for few weeks on having some buttery pancakes for breakfast. Would you believe it that she finished up all the pieces by herself? (I only managed to steal a small piece from her to taste!)

It was beautifully presented with butter and herbs topping on top and roselle jam at the side. The pancake was good and not too thin with some zest of citrus flavour to it. Hmm. What a tantalizing pancake! I love how the citrus zest as well as the savoury butter give an overall different definition to the pancake.

That was our breakfast fix. After filling up our tummies, it was time to burn those calories. Coming up in my next post!


Princess Ribbon said...

Now I feel like having lamb and bacon sandwiches, yummzz.. I see those pancakes, ooohhh so good.. Feel like making some tomoro for breakfast :)

Emily Tang said...

wow all the sandwiched look so delicious ^^
wanna have some too :)

Shirley Tay said...

Love to sit in too, dear! Can't believe the pancake is just RM 3.50..

Sharon D said...

Ooo...the sandwich looks good. I like the idea of roselle in it :)

mun said...

A very nice breakfast for bonding between mother and daughter.

Linda said...

Dear Rose,

I am not a fan of sandwiches, but shredded lamb??? Any day, anytime, anywhere! I love lamb. :) The presentations are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pancakes? Mine looks nicer - go ahead and make your own, very easy. If I can, anybody can...and your girl will love you for it. I love sandwiches! Those look gorgeous!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Feel like having the sandwich and pancake now, hehe...

reana claire said...

I also feel like having some sandwich now.. I seldom take in fact, always noodles, rice, noodles and rice... :) Enjoy, Rose!

Yee Ling said...

sandwich...something I would enjoy and just had it when I was sick last weekend.