Monday, February 9, 2015

Lesson from Ah Boy

This is my mum's dog. He was named Ah Boy when we adopted and brought him home after he was found lost in my dad's workshop many years ago. I think it was in 2005 when he became a part of the family.

In memory of Ah Boy

He was actually the 2nd dog to be adopted after the first one, a golden retriever came walking into my parents' house a year earlier.

Ah Boy was lovable dog. He loved children and anyone who wanted to cuddle and pat him.

He passed away on 3 February 2015 morning due to old age. He was actually unwell since early this year but he recovered. Some days he was lying still in his bed but other days he got up and walked around.

That afternoon after I picked up my kids from schools, I broke the news of Ah Boy's passing to them.

Firstly, I told my 6 yo Jay in the car. I took the chance to explain to him on life and death, and he needs to study hard to get better job and able to fend himself. Our conversation as follow:

Me : When mummy and daddy get old, we will pass on to another world. Just like Ah Boy. He was old and he died.

Jay : What happen to me if you died?

Me : That is why you need to study and learn.  When you grow up, you will work and earn money.

Jay : But how I go here and there? I don't know how to drive. I only can ride my bicycle.

Me : When you are bigger, you can learn to drive a car.

Jay : But where I get the money from?

Me : You study hard, get a job and they pay you.

Jay : Oh.  (After a while) I think I get money from daddy's wallet.

Me : !!!!

Then I told my 9 yo Princess after we reached home and she was more rational. She asked me about what we do to Ah Boy's body and where he goes. Don't know dogs go to heaven or not, but I answered her that Ah Boy went to a better place.

And I overheard that she was explaining to her brother on death as people died of old age etc.

Well, at least I think the kids learnt something that day and it was a rare occasion where I educated my kids on death.

RIP to Ah Boy. We will miss you.


Small Kucing said...

sometimes these questions are hard to answer

Princess Ribbon said...

Interesting conversation with Jay, and it's good the sister help to explain to him.. Hmm, yeah, agree with Meow, sometimes certain questions hard to answer, especially to kids..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Ah Boy, RIP :(

suituapui said...

Yes, kids need to be made aware of death, something that will come sooner or later, be always prepared, nothing to be afraid of...and always live life to the fullest, do whatever good one can, never mind big or small. It is all in God's hands.

Azura Chan said...

RIP Ah Boy. I like the way you explained to your kids.

mun said...

Good that you took the opportunity to explain about death to your children. May the dog RIP.

ChrisAu said...

I guess too young for them to grasp.
RIP ah boy !

trishie said...

RIP Ah boy. He must have been a lovely companion for you and your family. I think you've done a great job explaining about life and death to your kids.

Sharon D said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear of Ah Boy's passing. May he rest in peace xo

It's really great that you always try to explain things to your kids. :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Sorry to hear about ah boy's passing. The questions were tough. My boy asked me almost the same questions and I also answered almost the same as yours.

Hayley said...

RIP ah boy.

Very cute dog by the way.

Merryn said...

So sorry to hear about Ah Boy. RIP ah boy...

ahlost said...

a sensitive, but must let the kids know what is life and death.

sometimes, even adults couldn't accept death, especially on their loved pets. :(

Libby said...

We will miss you Ah Boy, RIP and we hope you are in a better place now

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