Friday, February 20, 2015

Eventful eve and the days of CNY

It was nothing but spring cleaning for few days leading to cny. The weather was not kind on us as it was gloomy the whole day so cannot really do our laundry and cleaning.

We bought most goodies last month when hubby were here so we would not be caught in the cny shopping craze.

On the eve I just made some sandwiches for lunch since we had our Malay food breakfast in the morning. After lunch I did final sweeping and mopping around the house.

We also have guests in the house as we have my sis-in-law, her hubby, an uncle and a cousin stay with us. They drove all the way from Sibu on the eve and they will be back to Sibu tomorrow. 

The kids of course enjoying the company and having to spend times with them. 

On the eve, I became an aunt to my new niece. Congratulations to my bil and sil on the new baby girl. And congratulations to my in-laws on their new grandchild.

On a sad note, my Jamie had a fall and he got himself a cut on forehead. Aaarrrgh!

The wounded boy

The karaoke-ing boys 

We were not in good mood to celebrate but we still had our big reunion dinner in Yun Yan Restaurant, Stutong with my in-laws and other relatives. After that we went to hospital to get Jamie's wound dressed. Luckily did not required any stitches. Just cleaning and dressing. Well, it is definitely our first time being in AE on a CNY eve!

Yee sang for a prosperous new year

At midnight of the eve, the honour went to hubby to light up firecrackers in welcoming the Year of Goat.


Neighbours started to play before 12 midnight and we joined in few minutes before the clock struck 12. The boys could sleep despite the noise but Jan stayed awake to welcome the new year. Everyone stopped before 1am so we have a peaceful and quiet sleep.

I only started to fill up my trays and containers with those goodies on the eve. My girl helped with cutting pork jerky into smaller bits.

Pork jerky


I personally prefer the bacon than those pork jerky.

On 1st day of CNY, I cooked chicken mee sua for breakfast. After that our food caterer came delivering the food and we stayed at home most of the day waiting for guests. Will post about the food catering in my next post.

And hubby and others have few rounds of mahjung in the afternoon and evening.


Goodies waiting to be consumed

Also a cake tray of Sarawak kek lapis

Would you believe me if I told you I had a burst water on 1st day???

Just when we thought the ordeal of the eve is over, we had a "water problem" on the 1st day when a guest accidentally broke the tap. Hubby supposed to change the tap prior to CNY but did not get to do it. Luckily we had our BIL at home to help change the tap for us.

We only visited my in-laws and my parents on 1st day. On 2nd day, we went to a couple of relatives' houses. In the evening, for the first time in my life, I gone to a supermarket to shop for dinner!! Last minute decision. We had steamboat for dinner at home!

A relaxing holiday. Not many visiting as did not want to tire ourselves out especially the kids. Jay is still recovering from flu and fever (he was suddenly down with fever on Tuesday) and we need to go back to hospital for follow up on Jamie's wound tomorrow.

Well, it may not be what we wanted for a new year. Not a typical new year at all.

Nevertheless, we must stay positive. To a prosperous Chinese New Year!


wenn said...

Happy CNY! CNY is really a busy time for us..

Princess Ribbon said...

Poor Jamie, get well soon, but I see no stitches, just the 'glue gel', so should be alright, speedy recovery.. Gong Hei Fatt Choy again and enjoy the new year..

suituapui said...

Oh dear!!! Poor boy! Must tell him to be careful, hit here, hit there...not handsome anymore lor!

Congrats to your in-laws, a timely addition to the family.

Wahhhhh!!!! So many people, bet that was so much fun. Nothing like the whole family getting together for Chinese New Year.

Azura Chan said...

Poor Jamie. Hope he'll recover fast. Gong Xi Fa Cai again..

Ez Vina said...

Hope your boys will recover soon. Happy CNY.

Coffee Girl said...

Ouch cut looks bad, poor Jamie. I love fireworks! Gong Xi Gong Xi Rose and family! Have fun with all those yummy food! :D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Blessed Chinese New Year to you and your family...

Hope Jamie recovered soon...

Shirley Tay said...

Gosh, those Sarawak Lapis certainly caught my eyes with those colours! I love Indonesian kueh lapis! Wonder if there's any difference......

Huai Bin said...

Sorry about your little boy's fall! :x

The firecrackers looks awesome, we get a different brand here, haven't seen these ones around. Ours are in a box (cardboard) and it's completely covered but it's basically the same 18,000 format.

Lovely food too, Happy CNY to you and your family Rose!

mun said...

Hope Jamie is all ok now. He is such a brave boy.

What an eventful day for all of you. The fall must have given you a fright.

Yee Ling said...

Oh poor boy...get well soon.

I see everyone is having a fun time and guess parents must be very busy too.

Happy CNY to you and family.