Tuesday, November 19, 2013

School holiday activities: New books to collection

There is 2nd hand book sales in Hills shopping Mall so without hesitation we went there this morning to hunt for books. Too many books to browse through till my eyes turned blur and bringing kids along is not good idea for some peaceful time. So I spend about an hour hunting for kids' reading materials as well as my novels.

Heard there is also a book sales in Hock Lee but that would be more Chinese materials there so not my kind of genre.

My loots! 

The donation fountain where you drop your coins and see them spinning all the way down to the centre hole.

And there is a donation fountain for the Haiyan victims in Hills and we made some small donation for the Philippines.

In the afternoon while I read my new novel, both kids did some homework. My girl did some Maths and Chinese papers as requested by her school teachers. So she does not only havefun during holiday but still did some homework.


Hayley said...

I've seen the donation fountain in Gurney Plaza Penang, very interesting, kids love it! Haha xD

Purple Queen Fairy said...

What novels did you buy? :)

Rose said...

mostly fiction novels. Didnt really have much to go through but happy with what I find.

Buku Junkie said...

This is heaven for book lovers. lol. I'm going there tomorrow. Can't wait!!! So what did you buy??