Friday, November 8, 2013

Breakfast over here

Been to this Choon Seng cafe in Sg Merah once. That time I had mee sua soup and roti telur with hubby's cousins. This time I were with my SIL, just the 2 of us.

She did not open her shop yesterday so she suggested a breakfast at this place. She told me the laksa was nice but I have to observe my 3-months pantang. Not this time.

It was packed with patrons and lucky us to be able to find parking space and seats. I ordered its Malay fried mihun while SIL ordered 2 toasted kaya buns to share. First time having this "roti kahwin" in a bun! Not bad. Crispy outside and creamy and soft inside.

My RM3 plate of fried mihun comes with half chicken wing joint. Guaranteed not enough to fill my hubby's stomach with this plate as it is quite small portion but for me, it is just nice. I like it because not too oily and wet. After have a bun and a plate of mihun with a glass of teh-c, I were full. Will come back here to try other stalls like the porridge and laksa stalls.


mun said...

Looks like a decent breakfast.

suituapui said...

I don't go there anymore ever since the quality of the coffee went down...the kueh chap moved away and they got rid of the char kway teow lady and the boss took over the stall himself.