Friday, January 6, 2012

Okana and the lion head

Black Olive

The native of Kapit called it "O-ka-na" or "Da-bai" while us called it black olive. It has that smooth, oily texture that need acquired taste (which I am still not accustomed to). My father-in-law is in town since Wednesday and besides passing some native rice and fishes for my 2 kids, he also bought some olive fruit here. Very expensive if you asked me, can fetch up to more than RM20 per kg!

My mum's favourite fruit besides the Sibu kam (green orange)! *wink*

Historic head

I did not know of its existence till last weekend! Lol! Talking about being a Kuchingnite at birth. *Paisey*

It is nothing unusual about this fountain, but the historical thing is the fountain head in the shape of a lion. It was built during British Colonial time so you know how old is this fixture. Located in Leboh Wayang, opposite Jalan Wayang.

My usual model girl!

Water came out from this lion head during the old days, now no more.

At least me and the kids learn something during the weekend, thanks to dear hubby! *wink*

Happy Friday everyone!

p/s It rained this morning but has stopped and did not caused any flashfloods. Wish for less wet days ahead. Dread driving in the wet condition.


Sheoh Yan said...

I first time see Okana in raw. Overhere, I can only see those dry type Okana .

Broccoli Ginger said...

Haha.. I was fooled by the name.. I thought what Japanese word. :P
Your girl is so pretty! :)
Yay! Learnt something today.

Hayley said...

I never heard of this Okana before....

suituapui said...

The Sibu kam is actually the Bintangor orange...if you're referring to those green and horribly sour ones! My missus loves them. Me? No, thank you...

Small Kucing said...

i wonder how it taste like

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