Thursday, January 12, 2012

In the mood

Continue with my shop CNY decoration..... As usual, when my girl saw the decoration last night, she immediately want to learn how to make them. But instead of learning how to make them, she did her own decoration. If you asked me, I think she is trying to make firecracker out of the red packets. Happily showing off her creation and asked me to MMS to her grandma to see. Lol!

This morning I had the worst breakfast in NK. Never tasted the sweetest Teh-C Peng Special in my life! Yukky! I would not want to order that drink from that cafe again. Some more coupled with my plate of Crispy Noodle in tomato sauce, I gulpped many water into me to get rid of the sour and sweet out of my food. Too sour and sweet for me. And hubby kept complaining about their teh-O Peng too. Too sweet. Their reason for all the sweetness is because a new staff handling the drink. Hmm.

But at least their selection of songs did not spoil my entire morning mood. They played all those 90s songs which I love like Trademarks, Michael Leans to Rock, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc.

My all time favourite.


eugene said...

Let the girl explore her own creation of CNY decors and i really think this is the best part to let her feel great about her effort and so on.

I am sure you are having a ball of time preparing the CNY decor and eventually enjoying the fruits of the labor,,,

take care now and God bless ya

Zooropa said...

Haha... little girl so proud of her own masterpiece :-)