Thursday, December 16, 2010

What a week!

Sorry for not much updating lately. Have been nothing but emotional exhausted and physically busy.

This week is a very hectic week. Flying out and in, spending a night in KL and dad admitted to hospital on the day I flew was enough to make me feel down.

On Sunday evening, I broke one of my teeth while eating chicken rice in Hainan's Street! S**t! I haven't got time to fix it yet. So everytime I drink water (cold, hot or lukewarm) I can feel the pain in that particular tooth. Hope to be able to visit a dentist tomorrow once everything is settled down.

On Monday, I went to KL accompany hubby's cousin for an interview there. We stayed for a night. Luckily no delay in Air Asia flight. We reached the LCCT around 7.15pm. Throughout the flight, it has never been bored as cousin and I chatted all the way. We did not feel how the time flies that fast. Then we used the bus down to KL Sentral and taxi to our hotel. We reached the hotel around 9pm and after throwing our luggage, we headed straight to Jalan Alor for our dinner. Phew! I even bought some bbq bacon slices from Loong Kee for hubby.

The next day, after cousin's interview finished around 1115am, we headed to Sungei Wang via LRT and spent almost 2 hours there before we headed to LCCT for our flight back. I did not spent much but bought 2 dresses there. Since hubby bought lots of clothing for the kids when he went to Johor last month I did not buy anything for the kids.

As for yesterday, after a busy morning at the shop, I visited my dad who admitted to Normah Hospital since Monday. Doctor could not find anything wrong with my dad who complained of dizziness and loss of appetite since he came back from his Indonesia trip last month. He lost so much weight since then but thank god he started to eat solid food for past few days. There is still no green light from doctor on when he could check out as doctor wanted him to stay for further observation. Luckily he can claim his insurance for the stay-in. As for my mum, she is supposed to fly to Singapore with my sister to attend my cousin's wedding tomorrow. By right, she would be there by this time, but alas! She has to stay to look after my dad. Hopefully he will be able to check out by this week.

So what a week I have! And next week would be another busy week as it is my stock check week. I think I have to put up a tent in the shop and stay to do the stock check! Lol!

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Small Kucing said...

what a hectic and eventful week you had.