Sunday, December 20, 2009

The fruits reign again

Yes, it is that season again. Local fruits hit the market with fruitful harvests. Langsat, rambutan, durian, you name it, we can buy them everywhere from the road sides, wet markets, to people pushing a small cart in coffee shops asking people to buy them.

Usually I try to avoid those fruits because I cannot take too much of them. "Heaty". However I did take a few bites of durian and rambutans though. I don't really fancy the fruits but there are too many of those fruits around. For past 2 weeks my house is packed with durians. My BIL got them from friend so they comes in a big box. You can imagine the smell of the fruits in the house. Phew!

To avoid the fruits from been spoiled, we split open the fruits and keep them into containers to be stored away in fridge. Actually durian tastes nicer when it is eaten cold. Lol! Have you eaten the King of fruits?


reanaclaire said...

i love langsat.. but eating too much also cause constipation.. durians is one of my favorite too, yes very heaty.. i get pimples if i eat too much.. hahha.. but i just couldnt resist..

wenn said...

durian is my favourite