Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peace and quiet

Nothing much has happened since we are back from Kapit. Since nothing interesting happening in my life, there is nothing much to blog about. But I am around, blog hopping at other blogs. You can still catch some updates on us here!

I am catching up on my reading. Currently I am hooked with Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series. I love detective, mystery solving and thriller books, so Sue Grafton is definitely my choice of reading. I am now at her “P is for Peril” book. Just finished up to Chapter 4, so there is a long way to go.

Father’s Day is around the corner. Nothing fancy, but just a dinner with my parents this coming Sunday. Whose treat? Me, who else. Hubby said he “belanja” (treat) me on Mother’s Day so it is my turn to “belanja” him. Since I “belanja”, might as well I “belanja” my parents too. Lol!

Wishing all fathers “Happy Father’s Day”!


Merryn said...

u read. good for ur baby. father's day this weekend? almost slipped my mind. have a nice father's day with ur family.. :D

Willie said...

You sure love reading. Unlike me, I prefer watching movies. hehehe

Thank god i managed to celebrate both mother and father's day this year in a proper way.

Nick Phillips said...

Nothing much happening on my end of the world too :D Wish yor hubby a happy father's day from me.

pearly said...

hi how are you with the little one in you tummy ?
in my side also nothing much happen just too busy with Aden he is pain in the back :P

thank for pop over to me :)

take care and chil