Sunday, June 28, 2009

New hobby

I have finished up my Sue Grafton’s novel. Supposed to finish it up sooner but I got hooked up with other interest.

Few days ago I have been introduced by my SIL on Barn Buddy on Facebook, and since then I have been stuck with the game. A game of buying seeds, stealing, harvesting and selling vegetables to earn coins. Currently at Rank 2; and what a way to pass my free time too. I also got hooked up with Farm Town.

So growing virtual vegetables and fruits is my new hobby now! And hubby has been complaining why not I try growing real vegetables and fruits instead in the garden? Lol! He has failed once in planting tomato seeds, so why would I bother to plant them myself. He knew I don't have green fingers. *wink*


Merryn said...

adui, i'll never let myself hook on games on facebook again! last time i was hooked on the pets... then i finally terminated them, otherwise, day n nite, cant sleep, jaga them oni, pet them oni.. mati lor!

lvynana said...

I haven't try those games yet, sound interesting.