Friday, June 26, 2009

Good date and time for delivery

I had appointment with my gynae yesterday morning and confirmed with her on my decision to go for Caesarian. i am in my 30th week now. Doctor commented that my baby is big and when touched my tummy, she can felt the baby is active and moving around. Lol! My due date is on 2 September and just coincidence the doctor would be away from 26 to 29 August. It is advisable to have Caesarian at least 1 week before the due date.

Either we have to wait for her to come back or I am to be referred to another doctor for my Caesarian. Gosh! My SIL is more excited than I am, she is getting my and hubby’s birth date and time for some fortune telling to get a better date and time for my delivery. Some more end of August is the beginning of Chinese 7th lunar month where most events are unfavourable to be done. I myself was born in the 7th lunar month. *wink* Hubby was telling me the other night that he is thinking of having the operation after 12 midnight as Chinese believe that an Ox baby will have better luck if born at night or early morning (the theory is that an ox works half death in the farm in the day time, but sleeps like a log at night time). Oh dear, wonder there is extra charges for getting doctor to operate me at such hour?? Lol!

I am not that superstitious type but if it is for the benefit of the baby and everyone is happy with the arrangement, I guess why not choose a date for the delivery since I am opting for Caesarian. Er, anyone go to such medium to get good date and time for delivery of their babies?


lvynana said...

Not expect in choosing date, and i prefer to 'take' the baby out when he/she is ready + don't want to plan for my 'suffering' day :(

Merryn said...

no ler.. i only go to 'sifu' to get the chinese name! :)

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhh .. i never know there are such thing wor ... i only know that people say baby born on the 7th mth of pregnancy very intelligent

Lovely Mummy said...

Oh, congratulations to you first. Now then I know that you are pregnant. :P Hope you have a smooth delivery... :)