Sunday, December 1, 2019


We spent yesterday morning in Aeon Mall.

Christmas decoration was up but not sure whether it was completed. Simple decoration this year.


But it did looked festive enough to light up the holiday mood. 

Our main reason to go to the mall was to shop in our favourite outlet, Uniqlo. The boys went to get some socks and pants. I also got myself 2 pairs of jeans and since alteration was free I had my pants cut and mended on the spot.

However it would take 2 hours for that so while we were waiting for my pants to be ready, we went around the mall. After a while, the boys complained of tired feet so we took a break in the supermarket and bought and had our lunch there. 

My packed lunch was steamed halibut fish don. Nothing fancy but something light for  my lunch. 

Luckily my pants did not take the whole 2 hours to be ready. After collected them from the shop, we headed home and away from the jam and crowds who started to come in. 


PH said...

The packed foods at Aeon are very attractive. Looks better than they taste LOL!

suituapui said...

Don is rice, right? Now, that's heavy! LOL!!!

Libby said...

Heard of the packed foods at Aeon before but never have a chance to try.

mun said...

oh, I didn't know uniqlo provides free alteration.

SGRMSE. said...

i love visiting malls for christmas decor, too!