Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Gets together

When I was younger, we used to have frequent family get together dinners. Both sides of ny father and mother's family. Both are big families with all the uncles, aunts and cousins. 

My maternal side always have gathering and potlucks where all aunties showing off their cooking. My paternal side loved to hold dinners in restaurants on special ocassions. Those were the days when we were closer but as we grew up, we got drifted apart. 

Now it is getting lesser and not everyone will get together. The uncles and aunts including my parents do have a monthly dinner with everyone takes turn to treat. But if calling everyone including the cousins and their children, we could book a whole restaurant for ourselves!! 

A day before Mother's Day, we had such rare and wonderful family dinner in this Chinese restaurant in RH Plaza. We weren't familiar with this area although we used to stay nearby. As my memory served me right, there weren't that many restaurants there. Now the restaurants were mushrooming and I lost count of how many they are!! 

My 2nd uncle's wife (my dad's sister-in-law) had her birthday and invited all of us to the dinner. We were few of the latecomers as we were lost in finding the place and we took time to find a parking space. However thankfully being Malaysians, we are never punctual in time. Instead of 630pm, the dinner started after 730pm!!

On each table, we were served with some Nyonya kuehs and birthday eggs. It was all prepared and made by my uncle's daughter-in-law.  Her ang ku kueh and kueh salat were nice. A nice starter to start off the dinner and a little filler for the hungry tummies. 

I didn't took photos of all the food as everyone was famished and it wasn't polite of me to do so. But I did took few delicious and spectacular dishes, such as this mouth-watering roasted piglet. 

I don't remember when the last time I had this but this restaurant served a tasty suckling piglet roast. Everyone agreed it was the star of the dinner!! 

It was a glorious feast as we had fried mee sua, steamed fish, roasted duck, prawns etc. So many dishes that we were brimmed to the max! 

This dish (below) was something I don't get to see in Kuching. Glass noodle served with lots of garlic and ginger mixture with fresh oyster. Hardly could see the oyster and only when I wanted to eat it that I noticed there was an oyster in the ginger and garlic mix.  Interesting dish but I didn't really enjoy the garlicky taste. 

A wonderful family dinner. I got to see all my family members. Great to get connected and meet them over dinner. Not after 10pm, did we left and bid everyone goodnight and goodbye. 


suituapui said...

Happy birthday to your uncle's wife. Ooooo...nyonya kueh!!! I like! Haven't had suckling pig for a long long time now.

Reanaclaire said...

Salivating now over the scrumptious food on the table!!

mun said...

must have reminded you of the sweet old days when everyone gathers for a good meal over chit chat and laughters.

PH said...

Family get together is always fun especially when there is food hee..hee..

Blackswan said...

Omg, I love suckling pig! xoxo

Merryn said...

Oh wow. The food spread looks so good esp nyonya kuih and suckling pig.

Nancy Chan said...

I miss the authentic Nyonya kueh that we used to enjoy. Not easy to find these days. That was one scrumptious dinner and a wonderful gathering to meet up with other members of the extended family.

Sakuranko said...

All the food look amazing sweetheart
Thanks for share with us

Nux V said...'s norm to have dinner after 7pm...that one hour buffer is to wait for people to find parking. Nice dishes! I like suckling piglet too!

Twilight Man said...

Good nyonya kuehs are difficult to find in KL nowadays.
I always bought red angku kuehs for my wife's meeting sessions and the participants would sapu all. I am very curious about that yellow angku in your photo. Is it the same green bean flavour as the red ones?

Rose world said...

Yes. Same filling

Libby said...

That suckling piglet would be my favourite