Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dear me,

Dear me,

Today is a special day in celebrating and remembering the love and sacrifice of mums (including me) around the world.

Life as a mum may be typical to some but nothing easy in bringing up children and at the same time balancing the household and works. It is a hard journey emotionally and physically.  And almost impossible some day.

But reality is everyday's thing. No daydreaming or a snap of fingers to escape from everything.

Let's have a look at my typical day.

545am  I wake up and get ready breakfast and kid's snack boxes

6am  My girl comes down for her breakfast after her bath and waking his brother up

610am  I takes my bath

630am  Hanging out the laundry to dry

640am  Bring the kids to school

700am  I wake the youngest up and give him some milk before having him to brush his teeth and wash his hands and face

715am  Prepare light breakfast for the boy and we eat together

745am  Send him to kindergarten

805am  Start working at my dad's shop. Whenever possible, I will blog-hopping and leave comments in blogs

1130am Buy lunch

1230pm Drive to school, drop lunch for the girl and wait for the boy to finish his class at 1pm

100pm Lunch with the boy. When he has tuition in afternoon, I would be busy chasing him to be faster and ready his books and homework for tuition

220pm Send the boy to tuition

330pm Pick up the girl from school

400pm Cook dinner then takes my bath before going out

445pm Pick the younger boy then the brother home

530pm Dinner

On some day, I would be driving out again to send the kids to their evening tuition classes. Otherwise I would chilling out in front of tv, provided no one fight for it.

700pm Catch up on my Chinese drama

800pm Preparing posts for my blog and visiting friends' blogs

900pm Getting the kids ready for beds and tossing the dirty laundry into the washing machine

930pm Sleep and dream of the same routine the next day!

So to dear me, thank you for the sacrifice, undivided love and time. Motherhood is nothing but joy.  The joy of family and loved ones around me. Let's celebrate that not only today but everyday. At least I think I deserve it. :)


PH said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose! I understand that the job of "mother" is very challenging.

IreneC said...

Happy Mother's Day! You deserve to put up your feet today, and be pampered by all in the family, for a change.

Nancy Chan said...

Happy mother's day! A mother's job is 100% full time!

mun said...

Happy mother's day to you!

suituapui said...

Happy Mother's Day. Keep it the good work!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Mother's Day...

Sharon D. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose x
You are an amazing mom - I know your family sees that from the love they shower you with.

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhhhhh ... 530pm dinner.. I wish!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! Being a mother is a wonderful job. I enjoy doing it:)

The Yum List said...

Happy Mum's Day!

Merryn said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose!

Twilight Man said...

You are a wonderful mummy! Your beautiful kids will cherish and remember all your love and sacrifices until they are grown ups. That is how I remember both my late parents forever.

Libby said...

Apologies for late wishes. Happy Belated Mother's Day, you really sacrifice a lot for your kids. Kudos to you!