Monday, August 21, 2017

Back to the grind

July has been an eventful month for me. First the Europe holiday and then the in and out of clinic/hospital for me and Jamie due to skin problem.

How relieved I am that my Europe travelogue has come to an end. But the adventures, the travelling, seeing many iconic buildings, structure and beautiful places were not to be forgotten. 

Now that I am back to the grind; busy with the kids and daily routines again.

Here is a little update on happenings and what to expect for the remaining year.

1. Skin allergy
I developed skin allergy while I were in Europe. 2nd time after a short recovery from the first allergy. Very bad reaction till I had to call for doctor while we were transit in Turkey on our way home. Still the rashes did not subsided but new bumps and allergy appeared after I were back home. Finally decided to consult a well-known dermatologist with Jamie since he also has some kind of skin allergy all this while.

Thankfully Jamie was diagnosed with eczema and dry skin. He has no allergy to food.  As for me, I went for a blood test to determine my allergy and the result came back after 2 weeks. Non-food allergy. I couldn't catch the term but in layman term, it is something like my antibody attacking my body. So the reaction and rashes. I am currently on a 6-weeks course of this medication to clear my problem.

2. Birthdays
Yes, my birthday as well as Jay's are just around the corner. And I feel my eldest boy has grown so much this year.  And the youngest also celebrating his birthday the following month. No plan for a big celebration though.

3. Clearing and donating
I have been clearing our wardrobe of old clothing to be donated to the less fortunate people.  The wardrobe looks much neater, lesser clothing and clutter.

4. Full day
I have been contemplating to get Jamie to do the whole day session sometime this year. Discovered that he was lazy and reluctant to listen to my teaching so I found out that he was slow in catching up with the vocab. So full day in kindergarden is an option. But since it is almost to the end of the year, I would enrol him into full day next year.

5. Manis app
I discovered a new reward app not so long ago. Manis the universal loyalty app, rewards you with vouchers for snapping and collecting daily receipts. Still a long way for me to accummulate and redeem any vouchers.

6. Family holiday
Yes, after been home for few days, hubby and I had been planning for our next holiday. We would be having our family overseas getaway at the end of the year.

7. Wedding bells
My sister is getting hitched!! She is registering next month and will hold her reception in December after we are back from our oversea holiday. So yours truly would be busy playing one of the bridesmaids. Couldn't wait. ^^


suituapui said...

My girl's having some kind of skin problems, rashes too...but last time, it was her gluten intolerance. She has been watching her diet so I guess this time, it is something like Jamie's, dry skin...and prickly heat. Been very hot here!

mun said...

Hope your skin is getting better now.

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like you will be very busy for the rest of the year. I hope your allergy will clear soon and not return again.

Libby said...

Hope your allergy will recover soon and congrats to your sister.

The Yum List said...

Lucky it wasn't a food allergy! Hubby has lots of trouble with his skin. I understand the frustration. Hopefully yours will clear soon.

lina said...

Hope everyone is feeling better now!

& congrats in advance to your sister.

reana claire said...

Hope you and your boy's allergy will "vanish" completely one day. My girl is also very sensitive and it normally attacks her folds of the skin, even her eyes are sometimes affected. Good to make plans, especially holiday plans earlier so that there is something to look forward as days go by.. :)

Phong Hong said...

I hope your and Jamie's skin problem is now under control. Wow, so many things lined up and another holiday to look forwards to!

Sharon D said...

Phew! What an exciting month. Happy Birthday in advance, Rose. Wishing you a wonderful time.

Hope your skin allergy goes away soon. That's a nuisance, I believe. On a brighter note, you have the family holiday to look forward to. I wonder where you're heading .. :D

Merryn said...

What a hectic time ahead till the end of the year. Already planned another holiday, wow!

Congratulations to your sis.

I hope your skin's condition will be back to normal asap so you can enjoy the rest of the year happily.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Congrats to your sister n hope your skin allergy goes away...

Coffee Girl said...

Yay! Planning a family holiday overseas is always something to look forward to. August is ending soon, looking forward to September?

IreneC said...

Hope your skin condition will improve with the meds.
Sounds like you'll have some exciting agenda ahead.

Emily Tang said...

hope u get well soon