Friday, February 17, 2017

Down the street

Last week, I went to Jalan Padungan with my mum for breakfast. It was one of the weekdays and slightly before 9am, so it was not so jammed and I were able to find a decent parking along the Jalan Padungan. 

My car was parked just in front of the famous long-queue Noodle Descendants shop. Oh no, my mum quickly told me not to go there as she has no patience waiting for their noodles.  So, we decided to walk a bit and venture along the street, scouting for food.

A short walk and we crossed the street to this coffee shop, another well-known old time coffee shop.  Min Hong Kee!  This quaint Chinese coffee shop is famous for its traditionally charcoal-cooked porridge and roasted meats!

Laksa stall

Initially both of us wanted the meat porridge for breakfast but alas!  They were out of porridge!  All sold out by 9am that morning!  Oh well, couldn't blame them as I believe they started their business early in the morning and out of porridge by then. So, we decided to have Sarawak laksa instead.

The laksa stall operator was very friendly.  Middle-aged Hakka man, talked to us in Hakka when he heard us were talking in Hakka dialect. He asked whether we wanted coriander for our laksa garnish.  Of course we wanted it!  Would not mind more!! But I guess not everyone enjoy this herb and may omit on top of the laksa.

Sarawak laksa

And here came our bowl of Sarawak laksa.  Normal bowl for RM5.00.  It was big portion for the normal size, so I wonder how big or more the size of special laksa for RM6.00?? Maybe more prawns in it.

Anyway, we both enjoyed the laksa that morning.  The broth was good and the portion was nice for us.  They were generous with the bean sprouts which I loved in my laksa. Overall, it was one of the best Sarawak laksa in town.

After we finished our breakfast, we decided to walk down the street since my 30 minutes parking coupon was not up yet. It was a rare occasion where I could enjoy a nice walk with my mum in Padungan.  So, we walked down the street to this place.

Another famous shop.  Sin Kwang Foochow Big Pau.  Who wouldn't know this shop and its renowned "tua"(big) pau???

Sin Kwang Foochow Big Pau

Heard the business is expanding to Penang last year.  Some may enjoy the meat paus but I am not one of them.  I prefer char siew pau than meat pau but that morning, mum and I wanted its sio bee instead.

Assortment of paus

RM1.00 each and I purchased 10 pieces of the sio bee (siew mai/meat dumpling). I should have gotten more, my Jay loves sio bee very much and he ate almost all of them for tea break!  Lol!  Next time, boy, I will buy more.
Sio bee

The sio bee was good.  I could detect the chestnuts and prawns in the meaty dumplings. Well seasoned, it tasted good without any dipping. I couldn't not get enough of them.

Next time, when I drop by Jalan Padungan and have a walk along the old street.

Maybe I could find more tasty old-time food and snack as well. Like Abee Traditional Buns shop but I did not checked out what they had that morning. Another time then.


suituapui said...

Yes, the sio bee does look good. Some people have bought the pao for me before, so so...big, thick skin.

I hear the food at the place a few doors away from Noodle Descendants, same side of the road, is good too and you do not get ill-treated, made to wait for an hour like that.

reana claire said...

I cannot finish one Big Pau but I like to eat nevertheless.. so normally will need someone to share before I buy.. as for the sio bee, they look very nice... yummmsss.. I think I can finish at least five if not 10.. hahahaa..

mun said...

can taste the chestnuts and prawns inside!? must be so tasty!

Nancy Chan said...

The laksa looks good and I love sio bee too.

Ez Vina said...


Libby said...

The siew mai looks and sounds good

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves sio bee, can eat many of it...

Sharon D said...

I eat meat paus and enjoy it but prefer char siew pau, if given a choice. ^.^ The meat pau is heavy duty stuff!