Saturday, December 15, 2012

I got my weekends back

Woke up pretty late this morning.  Yesterday was a busy day in the shop.  My last day and handover to the new stokist.  A whole day of briefing, handing over paper works and stock checking with the new stokist.  Really exhausting but I am happy that the hard work is finally over.  Now need to wait for my deposit to be refundable back which will be out after CNY. 

I was telling hubby the other day if he would be able to spare some days, we can go back to hometown celebrating Christmas and seeing the kids.  I missed them.  They have gone more than a month now.  In 2 weeks time, they are coming back here.  And it has been almost 2 years since we are back in hubby's hometown.  Missed the fresh greenery and air, and not forgetting my MIL's special Mee Brunei and Kapit famous Deep-fried Roti Canai.

For time being, I will be busy around the house.  And getting ready for my reunion with my old colleagues after Christmas.    

So for now???  Enjoying my holiday.  I need the rest. At least I can enjoy my holiday for a week before I am getting my hands busy with something.  And you know what??  It is shopping time too!  Christmas is just around the corner, so what else but shopping??

If you have noticed I have updated my blog profile about a month ago.  A dedicated wife and mum to my family of 4. Enjoy the simple things in life and always strive to be a better person.  Love to eat, cook and read while gardening is the latest hobby of mine.  Hmm.  Sound good to me.  *wink*


Anzerin said...

So Mee Brunei how does it taste like?

Hayley said...

You deserve a good rest la~
Have a fun weekend!

Ez Vina said...

Happy wekend.