Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My travelling with kids tips

It is that time of the year. With school holidays and festive seasons, who could resist a vacation right? So, we are going to have our first family trip tomorrow. Here are some tips when you travel with not one but 2 hyper-active kids. Thank god it is only few days so not much things to bring over.

1. Plan the trip well
Day 1 it will be shopping. Day 2 we bring the kids to zoo. Day 3 shopping again!
It would be good to check out any interesting activities around the travelling date.

2. Get a to-pack list
List down what you need to bring for the kids like stroller, their toothbrush, their swimming wears, favourite toys/dolls, and enough clothing. Not forgetting camera (to snap the kids) and its charger, handphone and its charger and hubby's ipad and its charger so we still able to keep in touch with what's latest and happenings.

3. Chewies for children
Soft candies and snacks for my children when in the airplane.

4. Get enough sleeps
Make sure everyone has good sleep the night before. Travelling with kids can be hectic.

5. Not forgetting the eco-friendly shopping bags as shopping malls are practising no plastic bags policies.

6. Enough cash
Yes, make sure we have enough cash (or credits) for our shopping loots.

7. Do not forget your luggage
The night before, pack everything in the luggages and place your luggages together so you would not forget them. Sometimes, you make rush to go to air port that you tend to forget this and that.

8. Enjoy and relax!
That is the main objective of our holiday!


wenn said...

Hv a nice vacation!

アンゼエリン said...

have a nice family vacation, enjoy

lvynana said...

Shopping in KL?