Friday, September 30, 2011

Ticking away

So many things, so little time.

From Google Search

OMG! It is already end of September???! 3 more months to go before we bid 2011 goodbye. There are so many things in hands, and I frantically trying to divide my time (and myself if can) between works and family. The last quarter of the year would be a very busy time, as festive season is around the corner and not forgetting our new house. Just could not help but to whip those contractors to do the works faster around the house so I can choose a good day and time to move in, and have my stuff really move in and unpack them.

Time is never enough!


mNhL said...

I always tell my boy the clock won't stop for us when he is lazy to do his homework!

Small Kucing said...

time and money forever not enough LOL

Coffee Girl said...

time flies so fast isnt it? why dont u move in by Christmas? :-)