Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boh Eng

I do not know what I am busy about, but the works in my new house make me more excited. Why not? It means in two or three months time I will be moving to my new house. Before Christmas we must move into the house! *wink*

Update on the new house works. Now contractor is doing some touch up on the wet kitchen (windows & door fixed, painting, building the cabinet and stove top). At same time, the built in wardrobe for the bedrooms. Next would be the installation of air cons, lightings, heaters and ceiling fan(s). Follow by tiles on car porch and back of the house. Last but not least, before all the furniture and stuff moving in, the cleaning part!

More cleaning works to be done, but luckily hubby said he will get a cleaning company to do the cleaning. Debris and dust everywhere and no matter how much I sweep and mop, the floor will be covered in white dust in few minute. So I guess I leave the cleaning job to the professionals who has the right tools and equipment to do it.

I have already packed my room and I can see that it is pretty empty with all those stuff sealed in boxes. As I were doing the packing, I realised we have so many rubbish and unused items. So same time I took times to clear all those overdue bills, magazines and unnecessary things.

More boxes and packing needed, but I wonder where to keep those boxes for time being before we are moving in. Some more there will be a new member of the family arriving next month so need to clear one of the bedrooms for the confinement lady. Oh boy......really boh eng (busy)!


アンゼエリン said...

Rose: Ur 3rd baby eh? congrats...


アンゼエリン said...

I'm blurr here...plse get me right ya.

Rose said...

Angeline, no lah! hahaha! How to move house if I am preggie? :p

it is actually my BIL's. His wife is due next month

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Rose!

Oooo! New house? And before Christmas too! Wow!!

Btw, thank you for dropping by to read my 2nd supernatural childbirth post. Have a lovely weekend! :)

wenn said...