Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday morning

Every morning, I would wake up and try to remember what day it is today. It is nothing different this morning when I woke up. But at least it is mid-week and only 2 more days to go before I can sleep late on Saturday. *wink*

It is supposed to be the usual Wednesday. However when I went downstair, hubby shown me a "disconnection notice" from Sesco. Yeap! Our electricity overdue 3 months! My FIL supposed to pay the outstanding last week but he forgot. So being a good daughter-in-law (better than suddenly come back to a dark house in the night, right?), I have to drive all the way to Jln Satok to pay the bills in the Sesco office.

And I have to miss out on my daughter's BM Reading Competition this morning. After so many days of encouragement and practicing, I cannot see her perform this morning. What to do??

And I "tapau" some sio bee and eat while stopping at traffic lights. I have been having my breakfast in the car most of this week. Got to run here and there, paying this and that. If can, I would rather sit in front of the pc, and do the internet banking. Let it deduct RM2.00. Better than stuck in the morning jam. But not all bills can be done that way, still have to go the particular office and queue up. Lol!

What I saw when heading to Jln Satok to pay bill this morning........Few minutes after settling my bill, the fire truck was heading to the scene area.

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Small Kucing said...

seems like you have had a hectic day. Too bad about missing your daughter's competition ...Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you