Thursday, July 22, 2010

A time to wind down

You can say this is what I do when I get away from the shop! Sweat my ass!! Lol!

Hubby and I went to our community club house yesterday evening. Initial plan was to dip into the pool but judging from the weather, we abandoned the plan and hit the gym instead.

Do you see the dark sky? We reached there around 5pm and it was raining like hell, but after an hour, the sky started to clear up. Hubby managed to swim for 20 minutes but I was damn tired from the work out on the treadmill.

The treadmill I used that overlooking the swimming pool. Nothing to complain about, at least I have good view while did my exercise. Only manage to walk and jog for 30 minutes. Cannot be too hard on myself since it has been months I did not hit the gym.

If you noticed that there is actually no wall in the toilet's sinks? Yes, I guess it is meant to be like that. It is just to show that the community is very safe and nothing to be worry about even in the changing cum toilet area.