Tuesday, June 21, 2022

One by one

When my father-in-law was around, he used to help my mother-in-law made sandwich in the hospital canteen in Kapit. He used to work in army camp when he was young. British camp where he learnt to make sandwich from them. His sandwich was very nice, I remember as I have the honour to taste it once. It was creamy, and tasty. Can't get enough of it. 

How he made his toast sandwich? My mil shared his recipe with me.

Making sandwich is very easy and versatile. You can basically add anything  you want in your sandwich. For this sandwich, we have butter, cheese, tuna, egg and mayonnaise. Lettuce would be preferred but we didn't have any at home, so can do without or add tomato slices in it.

And of course, bread. My kids preferred thicker bread slices, so I bought this long bread RM6.50 from Taka.

So, now let's get making and layering one by one. 

We used up the whole loaf. Cut the brown sides of the bread away. Did we finished all the sandwiches?? No. We ate some, we kept some in fridge for the next day. Some, hubby brought to Sri Aman to enjoy. 

1. Boiled 4 eggs till cook. Once cool, peel the shell and mash the egg. Add butter into egg mash and mix well. (fil really mashed the eggs till creamy, but mil did not.  It is individual preference)
2. Mashed the tuna as well. Add mayo into it and mix well.  (I bought the tuna flake in water, while the tuna with mayo is preferred.  Again, fil mashed tuna very fine; hardly any chunks etc)
3. Cut the sliced cheddar cheese into small mince. Add equally on both the egg butter mixture and tuna mayo mixture. 
4. Assemble time! Spread butter on one side of a bread.(Planta spread is preffered as less oily, instead of butter)  And another side of a bread slice.  Then spread egg butter mix on it.  Then spread some butter on both sides of a bread and place on top of the egg butter mix.  The other side of the bread, add in tuna mayo mix and spread well.  Then top with the buttered bread slice.


  1. Yes, we would make these egg and cheese sandwiches sometimes too - we do enjoy it a lot. Our loaf of bread is half the length but wholemeal is RM4.00 a loaf, dunno if it has gone up or not. Usually, we cannot manage to finish the whole loaf - it will turn moldy after a few days and we have to throw it away.

    1. Can keep in the fridge like what Rowena did here to prevent from moldy and no need to throw food away.

  2. Egg and Cheddar filling are fantastic!

  3. From your description of the fillings of these sandwiches, they are very delicious. I used to eat planta when young but not anymore. So do you toast the sandwich after taking it out from the fridge?

    1. No, I didn't heat up. Lazy to do so. I just took them out and let them at room temperature for few minutes before consume.

  4. i seldom make sandwich, but i enjoy egg sandwich once in a while.