Wednesday, June 15, 2022

First day

Can't remember the last time we went all the way to Buntal for lunch but definitely it has been a while. 

Our usual lunch place in Buntal is Teo Seafood; we patronised that place few times. This round on the first day of June (which was a public holiday and Gawai celebration in Sarawak), we decided to venture deeper into the fishing village and try Lim Hock Ann Seafood instead. Actually we have been there a couple of times too but I couldn't find any post on this place. I guess I never wrote about it here.

Anyway, this was my hubby's preferred place so we left the ordering to him. It was slightly after 11am when we reached there and few tables were booked and few were already taken. We found a nice table overlooking the beach. 

It didn't take long for our food to arrive on our table.

First was this sea cucumber soup. Not too starchy,  tasted slightly sour, which I enjoyed. 

Then a deep fried threadfin fish slice was next on our table. Of course, the kids' favourite. Super fresh and tasty. 

Another soup ordered which was the clam soup. Clear broth but full of flavour. You could guess how it tasted like by looking at the ingredients in the claypot.  

Everyone's favourite vegetable dish, which was stir fried cangkuk manis with egg. 

Prawns are a must-have when it comes to having seafood lunch, don't you agree?? So, a plate of steamed prawns for us. Super meaty, sweet and delicious.

Of course, we never missed out on Kuching o-chien (oyster pancake), which was easily cleaned up in a quick time!! Crispy thin pancake with juicy oysters on it. 

By then, we were pretty full so when this chilli crabs came, we only could tasted few bites. Remaining, we took away and reheated for our dinner. 

And our lunch was totalling to RM366 plus drinks. The crabs were around RM120.00 while prawns cost RM50 and fish was RM60. Other dishes between RM20-RM30. 


  1. I love Buntal, very fresh seafood, all the delicious dishes. Miss the Kuching style or Chian, they call it Kuching pizza

  2. I love both fried fish and those prawns! So good.

  3. Sourish dish, I like. Super superbly delicious food. Price is good too. Yums yummy!

  4. Oh? How did I end up becoming "Anonymous"? Commented using my smartphone, still hopeless at it.

  5. wah seafood galore! i like all the dishes! price is reasonable too.