Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Prawn mee

Our newest addition to the coffee shop. Anyone fancy the distinctive and flavourful Penang prawn noodle?

Then we have the fix for your craving. RM9 for a good bowl of tasty and appetizing noodle broth. The sweet and spicy taste is what you would enjoy for either brunch or lunch. 

For now they only serve noodle with the prawn broth but soon they will add more variety such as vermicelli and kway teow. Give it a try. Not overly spicy or too strong but for those that appreciate stronger palate, its belacan dipping will add extra spiciness and taste to it.  

Stall: Prawn Noodles 
Coffee shop : Jia Hao Cafe


  1. Me me me, I would love a bowl of prawn mee. Your photo of this noodles look delicious 😋🤤 best is it even have Kang Kung in it. Very authentic prawn noodles!

  2. Now you don't have to come over to Penang for Hokkien noodles, it is now within your reach anytime! LOL..

  3. It looks so good! I wonder how hard it would be to make it from scratch at home?

  4. prawn noodles! i'm ON! i just went to eat prawn noodles yesterday, walking under the hot sun....that's how much i crave for it!

  5. Very good addition! I am sure this prawn mee will be a crowd puller.