Sunday, April 21, 2024

Late afternoon

It was a Monday and with my man we went to Liang Gee Kopitiam for a late afternoon break. 

My man said the Indian Rojak was nice so he ordered one plate RM9 to share with me. It has been a while since I tasted one. This rojak was not bad, tasted alright to me. 

I came back for the fried kway teow as I remembered it was nice. RM7 for the noodle, and there are some fresh cockles in it, which I enjoyed. 


  1. I like to eat these two dishes too. Once in a while I will still eat rojak and fried kway teow. Your dishes in your photos look delicious 😋🤤

  2. I like fresh cockles.. I remember my mom used to buy from the market for only 20sen per kati then... poured hot weather over them and ate the cockles with homemade sambal balacan... those were the days! So simple and yet so delicious!