Saturday, November 19, 2022

Let them choose

I went to Xing Xing Wang to buy lunch while waiting for Jay who had tuition at the nearby shop.

Initially I wanted to buy lo bak rice (braised meat rice) and mixed curry rice from one of the stalls but it was closed that particular Friday. So, I ended up buying lunch at a different stall. 

Chicken rice stall, managed by a Dayak lady. Tried her food before; not that good but decent enough. The chicken was crispy but lack of flavours. I guess she didn't seasoned it well or longer. Anyway, left with no alternative, I bought 1 pack of Ayam penyet rice (above) and 1 pack of fried chicken rice (below) from her. 

I let the kids choose what they wanted to have so Jan opted for ayam penyet rice while Jamie took the chicken rice. The former was RM9 while the latter was RM6.

I also bought tapau from the fried stall, which was fried kway teow and fried rice (total RM11.50).

Jay chose the fried kway teow and I was left with the fried rice. I didn't mind as it has been a while I tasted its fried rice, which I enjoyed in the past. The fried rice used to be more colourful and tastier, with more ingredients such as char siew. With everything increases in price, I guess I can't complained much. The portion still as big as before, and I was having hard time finishing it. 

Today is the day! GE15 voting day!! I, for the first time went to vote very early!! Usually I prefer mid-morning or near to noon to do so but today, my man was eager to send me to polling station. Luckily no need to wait for long, I got my voting done!! Surprise that it was rather quiet at the polling station. However, I bumped into my little brother there, of all people. He queued right in front of me!! He also gone out early to cast his vote. If you haven't vote yet, you still have time to do so. To the future of Malaysia!!!


  1. I miss fried kway teow. Love it with lots of chives and beansprouts.

  2. Wowwww!!! That's fast! Pretty quiet here actually, not many people. Can go in and out in a matter of minutes. Maybe a lot of polling stations and a lot of rooms being used. I see in the peninsula, the queues are a few miles long! *penngsan*

  3. I also voted early this morning! Lucky for me the morning rain stopped before I left the house. Hope for good result!

  4. I voted early too. Glad that the whole day was clear and dry. Only rained after 6pm.

  5. Good for you! The early birds get the worms!!👍