Monday, November 9, 2020

She cooked

My mum-in-law was staying with us for less than 2 weeks. First few days, hubby was busy driving her around to settle some family stuff. After that, she spent most of her time with me and kids at home. We did brought her out for breakfast few times. 

However with Kuching being a red zone for past few weeks, we stayed mostly at home. And I cooked more, less going out. Once in a while she will give me a tip or two on how to cook certain dishes.

But last Monday, she cooked this assam fish head dish for lunch. Hubby caught a very big fish and after fillet it, we took the head and tail to make assam fish head.

I haven't had assam fish head for quite sometime, so I was pretty looked forward to it. My mum-in-law version of assam fish head, the much clear and soupy which I enjoyed more than the thicker soup. 


Fish head, bones and tail, scalded with warm water for few minutes. 

1 cube chicken stock

2 lemongrass, bruised

Minced garlic

Sliced ginger

Tamarind paste, added with about two cups of water

1 tbsp curry powder

Water enough to cover the fish

Cooking oil

Sugar to taste


1. In a pot, heat up about 3 tbsp cooking oil. Add in garlic, lemongrass and ginger and saute till fragrant.

2. Add in tamarind juice. Cook till it boils then add in the scalded fish parts.

3. If not enough water to cover the fish parts, add in more water. Add in the chicken stock and curry powder and let it simmer in the pot. 

4. Less than an hour, the fish part will be soften and cooked. Add in some sugar to balance the sourness.  Mix well and turn off the heat. 


  1. yummyz! master chef in the house!

  2. Mom homecooked food is the best!

  3. I love to eat Assam fish dish too.

  4. Your MIL's recipe looks quite easy to follow. I'd like to try it if I can buy fish head.

  5. I love fish head curry or assam laksa. Been trying to cook them at home, still not getting the perfect taste that I like.

  6. I miss my mom cooking lots! Too bad I did not really learn much from her, those days I was busy working and did not spend much time in her kitchen. I really wish that she is here with us... still miss her very much!

  7. Wow.. the dishes are looking nice!

  8. How nice if you hubby could catch big fishes every week.