Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Remember it

I remember when on our last family trip to Kapit few years ago, my parents-in-law took us to a coffee shop for dinner.

We ordered few dishes that evening and one of them was this stir fried water spinach with pig's blood cubes.

For me, it was an unusual dish as I never thought of combining kangkong and pig's blood in a dish. Seldom people in Kuching serve such too.

Anyway, it was last Sunday. Together with my man and mil, we went to Desa Wira shop to get our pork supply and some vegetables. Saw a pack of pig's blood cubes sold at RM2 (6 big cubes), so we bought a pack.

My mil assisted and taught me on how to handle the pig's blood. Just blanched with warm water for a while and then toss the water away before cut the cubes into desired size.

The rest was my turn. Ingredients beside the water spinach were chopped garlic, sliced shallots and ginger. 

Heat up some oil in the wok. Then toss in the garlic, shallots and ginger and saute till fragrant. Add in the water spinach and pig's blood. Cook till the vegetable has soften. Add in some oyster sauce, and pinch of salt. Mix well and dish out. Serve warm. 

Pig's blood was more than the vegetable although we only use 3 cubes. More like pig's blood stir fried with kangkong! 

I don't mind pig's blood as it was rather tasteless. Stir fried with enough heat, then it would be firmer and nice to eat. 


  1. I love pig's blood, usually fried with kangkong at the market's hawker centre here. Nobody wants to eat it so I never have it at home.

  2. This yummy style of pig's blood with vegetables is popular in Penang too. I forgot the reasons I stopped eating pig's blood. Hahaha

  3. I will eat the kangkong and give the pig's blood a miss.

  4. Oh, you find it tasteless? I wonder if it is made from real blood or something else. I have only tried it once and the "siang" taste of blood puts me off. It is like when you bit your lips and you can taste your own blood.

  5. Nice, I haven't try to cook pig's blood at home. Normally my father will cook this kind of dish.

  6. I will give it a miss and just eat the kangkong.

  7. Used to eat pig's blood together with YTF. They have it together with YTF. They say pig's blood helps to clear your blood, don't know how true that is.