Sunday, March 28, 2021

The other option

The last time I have a meal in Chicago7 was in 2015 before they renovated and upgraded their restaurant in Rock Road.

Last year my sis treated us lunch from the outlet since it reopened. There was improvement in the food quality I agreed but nothing that make me crazy and craving for. So we hardly had its food and the kids much prefer the other local food chain than this. 

It just so happened that we have some water disruption this week in the morning for 2 days. So unable to cook lunch, I decided to go for the other option for lunch. Food delivery!!! First morning we had Ah Seng chicken rice which the kids enjoyed. The next day, I decided to order from Chi.cago7, as they had 30% discount for first delivery order. So tempting to order, right? Yup, I fall to the impulse buying then. Lol. 

I had its pandan nasi lemak. It was lemak and fragrant enough. I also had it with its broaster chicken thigh. The chicken skin was crispy and meat was tender. 

My girl went for its fish and rice set. She had it last year so she was alright with its taste. It comes with the rice and coleslaw. 

No one used the chilli and tamato dipping but it was alright. We always keep them just in case. Do you?? Or just dispose if unused?? 

Our total bill after discount. 


  1. A lot of people praising it to the skies, saying that it is a lot nicer than the other Sarawak franchise - the fish burger especially! I have not gone to try.

  2. The rice your girl ordered looks different, like they are mixed with some other vege? About the chili sauce, I do keep them instead of throwing them away...

  3. With discount it is very attractive to order delivery. I will usually use up the sauces hah..hah... but of got any that not used, I will keep in the fridge for future use.

  4. I just had nasi lemak today too! Is the sambal chili nice?

  5. Food looks good and with the discount, very good price too. I keep the sauce in the fridge and when they expired, will throw if not used yet. Now I ask the restaurants not to give sachets of chili or tomatoes sauce.

  6. The food looks good. I will usually use up the sauce and whatever is not used will keep in the fridge for later use.

  7. I will try to use up the sauce, and if unopen will keep in the fridge for future use. Both the nasi lemak and fish & rice set look tempting! i m drooling~

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