Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet me in Chicago

I bought a couple of dresses for Jan through Facebook and since it was a cash-and-collect transaction, so I need to meet the seller some place. I suggested to her to meet in this local food chain, Chicago 7 in Rock Road.
Photo credit : here

You can said the seller is a friendly SAHM who has a daughter that outgrown her dresses (which mostly bought from overseas when she travelled). We chat and had brunch together in this outlet. And as usual my boy was the centre of attraction and few snapshots of him was in order. ^^

The reason this food chain was named after one of America's cities, is mainly because of its food served here, which is genuine broaster chicken. I blogged about its broaster chicken here.

*recycled photo*

This time, I tried something different.
 Lamb stew with rice (RM12.90 excl GST).

I were surprised that it was actually very good. The gravy was thick and flavourful with spices. Great for those who love spicy and peppery lamb stew.

I bought 2 sets of these broaster chicken with Italian rice (RM10.50 excl GST) for the kids as lunch.

Don't know why they call it the Italian rice as I think it tasted like what we have in our local Kuching food chain. 

And here are the dresses I bought for Jan. Very nice material, and still new. I do not mind pre-loved clothing as long as they are in good condition. Most of Jan's clothing also I donated or passed down to my niece or friend's daughter.

These dresses that I bought are good quality and breathable and I know she would loves the floral prints.


  1. I love the dresses.. The lamb stew looks very good and rich, flavourful too.. But I think the one that you cooked is nicer :)

  2. Love the rose print dress! I bet she will rock it! Btw... what's the fb link of the seller?

    1. I am adding you into this closed fb group. ;)

  3. Initially I thought you are going to Chicago...hahaha...
    I love the fried chicken!!

  4. I like the spicy & peppery lamb stew. Very pretty dress for your girl. I am not particular or fussy about pre-loved clothing, as long as they are still new and wearable.

  5. Lamb stew? Rose, I love lamb! :)

  6. Lovely dresses. That's the joy of having a daughter. You can dress her up so beautifully :)

  7. Slurps, I love the fried chicken

  8. Oooo...I love the floral prints of the first so. It's so English!

  9. The dresses you bought are so pretty. Does not bother me that it is pre loved too. The chicken looks tasty, I don't think I have eaten broaster chicken before.

  10. Me too, I don't mind preloved items too. I bought preloved items for myself too.