Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Newly opened

Since this food court was burnt down few months ago, we did not know where the Bishopgate mixed pork soup and vinegar noodle has relocated to. 

It just happened that one of hubby's ex-colleague opened up an eatery recently and was told that the noodle guy moved to her newly opened food court. 

Abundance Food Centre at Bormill Commercial Centre (across the road from Kak Bedah Cafe). The lot was previously occupied by Eco-Fresh Market. Distinctive yellow painted food court, you wouldn't miss it!! 

We drove over to check it out on Sarawak's Day. As it was a state holiday here, the place was pretty packed but we were fortunate to find an empty table. 

Renamed as Fat Aunty Pork Soup, this noodle stall enjoyed a good business over here. Most tables were having its well-known vinegar noodle and mixed pork soup. 

As the guy told us we needed to wait for at least 30 minutes, so we ordered this RM6 5-pieces stuffed kompia from Ding Bian Hu stall to fill up our tummies. Just hubby and I that morning, so each of us took 1 each and brought home the remaining 3 pieces. 

As we were waiting, few policemen were there to inspect the food court. The owner was warned on the table arrangement and SOP. But nothing serious as the policemen left soon after. 

And our food arrived just in time. The soup and noodle were still as good as we remember it to be. 

RM19 for 2 sets of noodle and soup. That was our brunch. We bought takeaway for the kids as we rarely brought them out during the RMCO. They did not mind either!

Check out Abundance Food Centre at their FB Page.


  1. Bishopgate? Isn't that Noodle Descendant? This one looks like Kim Joo. I'm sure I'll love it too.

  2. The vinegar noodles sound so tasty and the stuffed kompia looks tasty too. Crowded place is not good cos it is difficult to keep the distance.

  3. I think I may attempt to make kompia one day to satisfy my curiosity. It looks so tempting. Nice meal, Rose x

  4. I miss the kolo mee and the nearest is either KL or Johor.. there is no kolo mee in Ipoh...

  5. "Fat Aunty Pork Shop" hah..hah... I wish that I could try the kompia.

  6. I wish to try the kolo mee...looks good!

  7. I am sure it was a satisfying meal for you and your hubby. Looks so comforting, kolo mee with pork soup.