Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On a cold morning

It was last Sunday. A cold morning after heavy rain the day before. A very cloudy Sunday morning.

We went to this place that we had never been before. Pyramid Dreams Food Court in Jln Penrissen.

We heard that the grandchildren of the famous Bishopgate Min Joo kolo mee have been in operation for few years over here. Same line with the Descendant Noodle in Jln Padungan. However one would no need to wait for 2 hours or so over here.

Young man and young lady (the grandchildren) manage this stall with their specialty dishes such as mixed pork soup with vinegar noodle.

Was the young generation's skill the same?? I could said, it was almost 90%. Never the same as the old timer but almost there. Definitely better demeanour than the elders.

The clear mixed pork soup (cheng th`ng) was nice and comfortable (if not equally but good in its own way) to be taken on a cold morning.

For me, I prefer stronger flavour to challenge my tastebuds so I went for the laksa stall next to this Bishopgate mixed pork soup stall. Auntie Goh's laksa, as it was named.

I had a small bowl of Sarawak laksa for RM6. Now small portion of laksa costs more than RM5 in some places. Tastewise, it was tantilizing. Howevet I would wish they added some corianders as garnish.

Bet we would be coming back again to this food court in near future. Next time, maybe we can have our car wash next door while having our breakfast.


  1. Oh very interesting restaurant
    Great post

  2. I love the cold weather and how nice to have a spicy Sarawak laksa on a cold morning!

  3. Nice! Bishopgate kolo mee and innards soup but no, I would not want to wait that long at Noodle Descendants in Padungan. But Penrissen is a little out of the way, no?

    1. Yes. Far for some people but okay for us. About 15 to 20 mins drive from our house.

  4. That soup looks the perfect dish for a chilly morning.

  5. I spy some prawns! I like it!

  6. I also love lots of coriander with Sarawak Laksa but the shop is always so stingy :(

  7. Over here a bowl of noodles also cost around RM5-6 too... depending on the ingredients.. if there is fish, then will cost more..

  8. I wonder why so stingy, is the coriander an expensive item? I would love a hot soup for a cold day.

  9. That will be very convenient, to have your car washed while you enjoy your breakfast. I would do that too.

  10. It was raining for days in SG for the past week and the weather cold like winter, haha, some areas even flood