Monday, June 18, 2018

Good enough

We went to 38 food street for brunch on a Wednesday. Just me and my 2 older kids. 

Before that, Jan and I were at my parent's house helping my mum with my young niece. My bro's wife gave birth to their 2nd daughter that morning. So, I were there for a while helping her with my niece and packed and brought food to the hospital.

After dropped the food and had a peep at my new niece, Jan and I went to pick Jay from his tuition. 

We dropped by the food court for brunch as Jay was hungry. It was around 1030am and the place was packed. As usual, Jay went for kolo mee while Jan and I had chicken rice from Authentic Chicken Rice stall.

My girl had roasted chicken rice.

Roasted chicken rice (RM5.80)

Where as I went for its steamed chicken.

Steamed chicken rice (RM5.80)

We also shared a small plate of stir-fried bean sprouts.

Bean sprout (RM4.00)

It has been a while since we had Authentic chicken rice.  The rice and chicken were good enough for our tastebuds but I loved the chilli dipping.

In the afternoon, I had one of these bak chang for tea break. My sil's mum made them and gave some to my parents.

I don't really celebrate the Dragon boat festival. I don't specifically hunt for bak chang during such time of the year, so I don't mind if I don't have them either. Knowing me, my mum gave me these 2 bak chang. But I liked these Hakka chang that mum gave me. Full of meats, ground nuts and taro; taste was just nice. Not overly salty and sweet. I steamed them for a while and they were good enough to go with a cup of tea. ^^

Hakka dumpling

Today is the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival so wishing everyone a Happy Duan Wu Jie!

Thanks to hubby's colleague for these bak chang that we are able to enjoy today.


  1. I did not buy any but I got some from my friends and this morning, I got some more from my sis-in-law, her friends gave her so I did get to eat chang after all to observe the tradition of this special occasion.

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  3. Happy Dumpling Festival, Rose xx Enjoy your evening!

  4. Happy Dragonboat Festival, Rose! I had my share of dumplings earlier...given by my thoughtful colleague.

  5. Oh everything looks really yummy

  6. Good to see you and your family had some bak chang on duan wu jie. hope you all enjoyed them!

  7. So nice that even when you did not specifically hunt for these dumplings yet they come to you. I managed to eat one too as we went back to my in-law's place last weekend and they brought some for us.