Monday, February 6, 2017

Yellow like cheese

It was one week before CNY when we dropped by and tried out this Cheese & Tea cafe for lunch. Never been here before so not so sure what to expect.

Upon entering, we were greeted by many jars of beautiful fighting fishes on left side of the wall. And as we walked a little further this water feature was there.

It wasn't packed when we were there but we chosen the seats at the end of the cafe. More privacy and since we have naughty kids with us. Lol.

The walls were decorated with these cute wall stickers.

The lighting wasn't that good; slightly dark to capture good shots. My photos ended up yellowish. As yellow like the cheese as in its name. Lol.

And as for the reason of its name, their main specialty is cheese! Anything in cheese! The waiter would ask if you want to add cheese to this and that, so you do have option of that.

Hubby wanted sweet corn soup that afternoon so he ordered a bowl of that. I do not mind sweet corn soup but not those crabstick. Taste-wise it was so-so.

I had a plate of butter fish rice which was rich in taste.

The big guy had its Pattaya fried rice. Appearance-wise, it was presentable but taste-wise, it wasn't that good. Rice too wet! Hardly an enjoyable dish.

I did not take shot of fish n chip as it was just breaded fish and fries. You wouldn't need to guess who was having that! * wink*

Next to come was this fried noodle with crispy sotong. The noodle was fine but the crispy sotong was rather bland. Tasteless and full of flour.

But I did enjoyed its cheezy boxing chicken. The chicken itself was juicy and tender. Spreaded cheese on top enhanced the flavour.

Overall, a nice cafe environment but more to do and improve on its food. Or maybe we should try its toast some day as I heard it was good.


  1. Lots and lots of this kind of eateries here, some people seem to like some of them. I never even bother to go and try.

  2. Sounds like not that good but luckily the cheezy boxing chicken was to your liking.

  3. Indeed it looks very cheesy on the chicken... now I am very hungry, no proper meal as yet. Going on a diet.. hahahaa

  4. Is the butter fish tasty?

    1. It was ok. The fish was not crispy which I prefer it to be crispier.

  5. A little bit of cheese is ok, but too much cheese I will find geli

  6. Aiyo...the food looks so yummy, Rose. I am with you on 'wet rice' though - not for me!

    And I feel you on the 'yellow photos'. Happens to me too. Just can't get a good pic. ;P

  7. Wah, macam long time no eat Pattaya fried rice already! Used to it eat it very often when I was studying in UM...

  8. Sometimes very frustrating when the lighting is not good for photo shooting. It happens to me sometimes. The food all look good in the photos but I will go for the cheezy boxing chicken.

  9. I agree that crispier fish would be nicer.