Friday, February 3, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #63 : This CNY

CNY is about family, reunion, food and holiday. We had fun gathering and visiting. Not forgetting the food as well as photos taken during the holiday.

1. A photo of cousins
2. Steamboat on the eve
3. 1st day visit to the kids' granduncle
4. Me on 2nd day in Zanmai Sushi
5. A big gathering in a friend's house
6. Poolside bbq and fun on 2nd day

I haven't share the CNY decor in my house with you, so here it goes:

A pair of rooster stickers

Hubby chosen these, hope for a better year

Plum or cherry blossoms are one of the auspicious flowers to be displayed during CNY

Basket of oranges, pamelos and leeks to symbolise abundances of fortune and wealth

Cute chick ang pows. At first, I planned to place them near the cherry blossoms but then I decided not too.

End up with the chicks hanging on the wall! Look like they are flying!

A flower dropped from my adenium plant (fu gui hua), so I placed it on my shelf.


  1. I did not bother much about the decor this year, just a bit as I wasn't really into the celebration with my mum in the medical centre. She is getting much better now but has yet to be discharged.

  2. Nice photos! Especially the cny decorations in your house.

  3. Very festive feel, Your adenium flower is so pretty, like a rose.

  4. At least there is a festive atmosphere in your house.. mine is always plain as ever... or should I say, it is always Winnie the Pooh who are in the deco each year in and out... hahaha

  5. Looks like you had lots of fun, dear! xoxo

  6. You have created a very nice festive atmosphere in your home. Mine is without any decorations. Your Adenium bloom is beautiful.

  7. I like the CNY banners with the cross in the middle, very nice

  8. I went to my parents to celebrate CNY, so I didn't have any decorations up in my apartment!

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  9. I love the chicks. SOOO cute! Nice decorations you have there at home. Mine was none. Too busy to do anything at home.

  10. True, CNY is mostly about food and gathering! Love the decorations, simple and cute!


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  12. I like the Rooster stickers also

  13. Brilliant to make it look like the ang pao chicks are flying. May you soar high this year, Rose!

    Always nice to get-together with the family. It's the one thing I love most. Gong Xi Fa Cai once again.