Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A beef place

We happened to be at this eatery on the Chinese New Year Eve as hubby needed to settle his car loan in a nearby bank. I believe this eatery has been in business for few years but it was our first time eating there that morning.

Nuromen Cafe, Jalan Chan Chin Ann

Nuromen Cafe was the name of this beef place. 

The cafe was clean and the set up was neat and simple. 

Somehow lantern associated with beef, isn't it? Lol. By the way, this cafe is a halal place and besides beef, they do serve chicken and seafood in their menu.

The price was reasonable and guess what? They use imported beef from Down Under. Don't play play!! Serious beef over here.

My drink and hubby's while waiting for our food.

Jay had their signature beef noodle which come in 2 seperate bowls. A bowl of plain noodle and another soup of sliced beef, tripes and beansprout. 
Beef Noodle RM6.50

The lovely soup

Hubby had this beef noodle special. The beef was good. It was chunky yet tender and basically melt in your mouth! Wow!

Beef Noodle Special RM9.50

Jan was not a big fan of beef so she had this bbq chicken noodle. The chicken was sweet with char siew sauce but she enjoyed it.

Bbq Chicken Noodle RM6.50

For yours truly, I ordered this pan-seared prawns noodle. The prawns were fresh but my noodle was slightly salty. Overall, it was good.

Pan-seared prawns noodle RM9.80

It was a delightful lunch, my personal opinion. The place was pretty packed while we were there. And when I used its washroom, I spotted this notice and couldn't helped taking a shot of it.

Operating hours are 8am to 2pm and 5.30pm to 10pm Wednesday to Monday. Location is in Jalan Chan Chin Ann. Same row with Pak Somet Kopitiam.


  1. Looks good the beef noodles! That's something I would enjoy.

  2. That looks good. Bet it is a whole lot nicer than Ah Mui, so nice in the 70's, not impressed by it anymore.

  3. I was guessing it must be Nuromen when I see your bloglink from my blogroll. Hahaha. I have been there once. The service wasn't good at that time. I won't mind to go again to try it since I heard lots of compliments bout this place.

  4. Just went for beef noodles yesterday, mine is the thick broth and I still prefer those with more diluted soup...

  5. Wow, just realized I haven't eaten beef noodles in the longest years! xoxo

  6. LoL at the picture in the toilet. Totally true though. I'll read every single words on the wall when I am on the throne :D

  7. I prefer beef to chicken! The beef noodles look tasty!

  8. You had me at 'melt in your mouth' - nothing better than tender beef noodles! The toilet sign is hilarious.

  9. I missed beef noodles. I love all the food you ordered. Yums!

  10. I went there last month, not bad, nice food, clean place.