Thursday, April 4, 2024

Lion City

No,  I didn't went to Lion City but instead to this Lion City Hainan Chicken Rice shop in Pines Square, Batu Kawa. 

Opened few months ago, this franchise eatery serves Singapore Hainanese chicken rice and other Asian cuisine. 

It was my off day on Tuesday. And also Jan's day to sit for her driving law test. She passed her test with 46 score out of 50. Well done!! Soon she will start to learn her driving and in few months time, taking her driving practical test. 

The centre where she took her test was not far from Emart hypermarket, so after I picked her up, we went to the hypermarket for grocery shopping. Then we stopped by Pines Square to give this eatery a try. It was our first time dining in Lion City Hainan Chicken Rice. 

The place was not full when we arrived there , which was slightly after 10am. Not long after scanning through the QR and placing our order, my plate of steamed chicken rice came to our table. 

I liked the oiled rice. The steamed chicken was fine but the chilli dipping was nice. The portion was just nice for me. 

My girl had a try of its nasi ayam penyet. It was nicely presented and served on top of the brown paper but my girl didn't enjoyed it much. Chicken was rather tasteless and dry. 

Iced lemon tea for her while I tasted its cendol. Sweet shaved ice but the cendol wasn't chewy. I like it chewy in texture. 

As for the boys who went to schools, we ordered roasted chicken rice as takeaway for their lunches. 

Our lunch took us more than 30 minutes there before we made our move. The morning was scorching and it wasn't comfortable to stay too long outdoor. 


  1. Hainan Chicken is one of my favourites. The roasted chicken looked great too.

  2. Congrats to Jan! All the best to her for her driving practical test! The chicken rice looks good 👍 😋

  3. the weather here in KL is quite hot too. Can't stay outdoor for long. Sooner when Jan got her driving licence, she can help to chauffeur her siblings to classes and ease some of your burden.

  4. How I long for a bowl of cendol! The weather is too hot these days >.<

  5. I just had my Hainanese chicken rice fix recently! Yums!

    Oh driving law test. In Singapore, we used to call it Highway Code Test.

  6. I love authentic Hainanese Chicken rice anytime! Their fragrance is different.
    Jan has passed and you will have a chauffeur soon!