Monday, March 25, 2024

Pork rice for dinner

It is getting very warm lately. If possible,we wouldn't be going out after close our shop in the afternoon. But sometimes, we need to stock up for the shop so we will do our shopping and then buy takeaway or have early dinner outside before heading home. 

This particular day, we went to Ecoshop to buy some packaging for baos takeaway. After we were done, we decided to went to the nearest food court, Man Xiang Lou in Pines Square. 

I saw this lo bak and curry rice stall, and without hesitation, I ordered pork curry rice for my dinner. 

I liked the fatty part of the pork belly and with the spicy curry gravy, it was a good dinner for me. 

My RM10 plate of pork curry rice. It came with 1 egg and 2 chunks of potatoes. 

My girl who wasn't that well went for something milder. Roasted pork rice from the roasted meat rice stall. The pork belly was salty but it was nice to go with the rice. 


  1. Looks filling and tasty! I had some roasted pork belly today too.

  2. I like the curry potatoes 😋 yummy😋

  3. Your plate of pork curry is irresistible! I would have chose it too.

  4. the pork curry rice is nicely presented. I would order that too coz i like curry, pork and potatoes.