Friday, March 15, 2024

A drive to the beach

We had a drive to the beach when my sil and her children were here last week.  We only drove over when the rain had stopped in the afternoon. Along the way, we could enjoyed the nice misty view of the countryside. 

Even Mount Santubong was almost covered by clouds. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and calm view to enjoy in. 

We went to Sarawak Geopark beach, which was free for everyone. Just a short stroll, enjoy ice-cream cone and some photo taking before heading back home. 

Nice weather to walk in, it was a very breezy day. 

Too windy that red flag alert for the sea, so no one was allowed to go into the water. 



  1. So beautiful and relaxing! Love the fluffy clouds :-)

  2. Wah so nice 👍🙂 I would love to go to a beach like this. But I think the beach over here is nice too but not as nice as your beach.

  3. i enjoy walking along the beach on a breezy day. So nice & refreshing!

  4. I'm thankful for the positive impact your blog has had on my personal growth.