Friday, March 27, 2020

We went to

We sent a couple of face masks to my SIL in Sibu on the Sunday before the Movement Control Order implemented the following week. She requested to be sent by bus, so we went to Biaramas office to drop the parcel. RM9.50 for a parcel less than a kg. She was able to collect her face masks the next morning from Sibu bus station.

Since we were at the vicinity, we went to Boulevard Shopping Mall for a dim sum breakfast in Boulevard Restaurant.

I have blogged about the dim sum here numerous times. You could guess how much we loved the dim sum here that we make it a monthly thing to have it. We didn't do it last month though but no love losts. 

The place wasn't packed. As expected because of the Covid-19 scare, the mall wasn't crowded too. Almost deserted, that was how I decribed it. 

Minced pork congee and egg tarts came first. 
Egg tart and congee

We had the usual, such as char siew pau, chicken feet in special bbq sauce, deep fried beancurd fish cake, deep fried prawns beancurd rolls, har kaw and lo mai kai. 

Har kaw and lo mai kai

Char siew pau

Chicken feet

DF beancurd fish cake

DF prawns rolls

We also tried a new dim sum that we have not tasted in the past. Salted egg pork dim sum.  I wasn't crazy about egg yolk so I didn't like it very much. 

Salted egg yolk pork dim sum

They forgot the boys' plain noodle but it came after we checked on it.

After our breakfast, we had a walk around the mall. Hubby wanted to buy some books so we went to Popular Book Store for a browse and food shopping.

Everyone bought some books except me. Nothing caught my attention.

As we headed to basement carpark, we wanted to buy some yue tiaw from I love yoo! but we noticed it was no longer there. Or rather change of business by the operator. Now it is selling porridge and fried snacks such as carrot cake, banana fritters etc.

Hakkai Porridge, the name of the shop. No, we didn't feel like buying porridge and fried snacks since we had our breakfast earlier.

We ended up with to fu fa!! RM4.20 per pack. 2 packs home to be shared around. :)

The rest of the day, we stayed at home. The kids had books to keep them occupied. And mummy had some time to practise on her baking. Lol. 


  1. I m drooling over the dim sums and taufufa!! So craving for them now!

  2. Now you make me miss dim sum meals so much. I still can order take away but need to drive to other neighborhood.

    I should bring out all my unread books to read now instead of getting glued to TV and internet.

    Stay safe and stay happy!

  3. Dunno when can we have the luxury to go for this kind of breakfast again. sob sob.

  4. Ooooo...dim sum! Don't know when can go out and eat these. Slurpssss!!! Mask? I don't have any so I don't go out. :(

    1. cannot go out now to eat. this post was before mco.

  5. It will be some time before we can go out and enjoy dim sum. Can't wait! LOL!

  6. so tasty dim sum. i miss eating lo mai kai.

  7. We can't go for dim sum now. Have to wait till MCO is lifted.

  8. Hope life can go back to normal very soon. Stay positive, stay strong and stay happy everyone!

  9. Precious bonding time at home. You have baking to keep yourself occupied while the rest have books. For me, i am happy to have the fm radio station to company me :)

  10. Aah.. how I am missing it. Can't wait for our cases to hit zero and we can go out knowing it's a hundred percent ok to jalan and touch whatever x