Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture #92: September favourite

Spent 2 nights in the nature, away from the city 

Haze was back last month!! 

My sis bought this cloth face mask from oversea few years ago and finally I make use of it. Jamie liked the colour and wore it when he went to school. 

My man spent a weekend in KL, attended Andy Lau's concert

Taekwondo upgrading test for him. Enjoyed his yam ice-cream from Magic Bite after the test. 

Had this lovely fried taugeh kway teow in Everwin Kopitiam

It has been a while since I ordered fried dishes from this fried stall in Big One Food Court, MJC and in my latest visit, I had this tomato kway teow


  1. The face mask looks nice. Mine was plain white like a garbage collection man! Muahahahaha

  2. I don't like to wear mask as i find difficulty breathing wearing it. Yam ice cream slurps! Tomato kway teow sounds appetizing.

  3. I did not wear at all.. but it is really better to have one. Wahhh.. your hubby is memang Andy Lau fan ya!!

  4. He looks like Spiderman! Wahhhh!!!
    Andy Lau concert! Must have cost a bomb! Tak apa, so kaya hor!!! LOL!!!

  5. oh, I guess you are not a fan of Andy Lau so that is why you didn't attend his concert.

    1. I am a fan, but not so crazy. He initially went to KL to meet friends. End up he got atl free ticket from a friend who cant go, so he was in luck to catch the concert.

    2. oh, so lucky to get free ticket. thanks for clarifying.

  6. so happy now the haze gone
    i wonder where you guys holiday
    share your vacation story later yeah