Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another day

It was another day in life, busy with the usual daily grind.

It was one of the days where I went to find my mum for our weekly market and breakfast date. 

RM6 Sarawak laksa

After done with our market buy, we went to have breakfast in one of the coffee shops in Kenyalang Park. A small bowl of Sarawak laksa.

I dropped mum at her house but before I left, I went to check on her grapevine. Few weeks ago, they were small bunches like little green seeds.

Growing bunch

Now, there are few bunches and everyone couldn't wait for them to turn ripe, provided the critters or birds don't get to them first.

In the afternoon, I felt like having something spicy and different. Somehow that day, I felt like having nasi campur so I headed to Curry House in MJC for its delicious and sinful spread of dishes. Lunch by myself. I don't mind some day. ;)

RM9.50 nasi campur

I ended up with 4 dishes on my plate. I opted for normal white rice instead of Briyani rice. Curry squid, deep fried spiced bitter gourd, stir fried lady fingers and fried drumstick. 

And talking about deep fried spiced bitter gourd, my man surprised me in the evening with this pack of snack.

Locally made in Kuching

Surprise! Surprise! Made in Kuching, this bitter gourd snack was good. Slightly bitter and salty with less oil, it was a healthier snack as it claimed. I couldn't stop snacking on it.

Nice snack


  1. How much was your nasi campur at Curry House? Rather expensive, the outlet here and not all that great. Will look out for that snack, dunno if they have it here. I'm sure my girl would love it. Wowwww!!! Grapes! I wouldn't dare think of planting that, sure disaster, I'm sure.

  2. grape...wah your mom terrer leh. Do update on the status of the grapes when you eat them

  3. I am excited to see grapes being grown locally. Please update your blog when you can harvest this grapevine!

  4. Wow! Your mum grows grapes and there are fruits! If I see the bittergourd snack, I will sure buy it.

  5. So nice the see the grapes vine with fruits! The nasi campur looks delicious!

  6. I see many houses in Kuching got the grape plants now ya. Mcm trending pulak. In my church compound pun ada jugak.

    oooo I like that fried bitter-gourd.

  7. Love the bitter gourd snack! xoxo

  8. your bowl of sarawak laksa looks so tasty!

  9. Oooh, I didn't know grapes could grow here!

  10. beautiful pictures :)

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  11. The nasi campur with the 4 dishes looks so satisfying.

    The bittergourd snack sounds interesting, I don't think I have seen it here in SG.

  12. Waa.. wonder how local grapes taste like. Can't wait to read your next post on it, Rose. That bitter gourd snack sure is interesting. Nothing better than a healthy snack for middle-aged folks like us ;P