Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #70: I still do

We did not go anywhere over the 5-days holiday. Mostly stayed at home, sheltered ourselves from the crazy weather.

On 31st August, we experienced a phenomenon for most of the day when there was a form of halo surrounding the sun. The weather was warm and the sky was spectacular with this rare phenomenon.

We went to the weekly market in MJC (pasar tani) two days in a row!

Many stalls and lots things to see and buy on Thursday but when we went back the next day, some stalls were not opened. We did get what we wanted, especially this super plump and sweet cherries.

I still do facial mask once a while. Try to have it once a week. Last week I tried this collagen masks given by a friend as my birthday present.

We attended a 1 day course on Saturday. A husband and wife course where we were treated to games, group discussion, sharing and learning about marriage and vow.

"I still do" was the name of the course, organised by the Methodist church. Over 12 couples from Methodist churches in Kuching gathered together.

Renewing our vow and learn to get to know, love and understand each others again.

The kids were taken care by assigned nannies in seperate rooms.

In the evening, we were treated to a candlelight dinner in Sharing Planet Stapok.

It felt like dating and couple time again!

We had creamy mushroom soup which was  salty to our liking.

The chicken chop was nice and big in portion.

After a quick bath and changing, we went back to the church for the ceremony.

Walked down  the aisle with the our children, exchanging vow, prayers and blessings.

After 13 years, we still do! ^^

And we sealed our vow with a kiss!


  1. Wow! What a nice ceremony! So right for the church to do this for married couples. Can frame up the last photo.

  2. So wonderful and lovely.. and to renew vows with your kids this time.. very memorable indeed!

  3. Auuuwww....so sweet and so romantic!

  4. Got exchange of rings? What did your hubby buy for you? Huge diamond? Come, come...take photo and show. Quick!!! LOL!!!

  5. So romantic! And the kids get to join in too!

  6. What a great pic of the sun. I love sky gazing.

  7. That's so sweet, and very good to remind ourselves of why we fell in love with each other in the first place :)

  8. sweet~! wish you both happily ever after ^^

  9. So loving both of you. It is very meaningful to attend the course together and having a nice dinner after that, a well spent day.

  10. Congratulations Rose on your renewed vow. Such a lovely couple and beautiful ceremony. The dinner that comes after that is also very nice. I dont remember dining without the kids for over a decade already. Heh..

  11. So sweet neh!! Congratulations on your renewed vow!

  12. Oh-so-romantic .. you and your hubs are the sweetest people, Rose. I wish your family joy and love forevermore.