Saturday, January 16, 2016

Laksa again

It rained that Sunday morning. So wet, so cold and we were so lazy to go out. But God was calling so it was our duty to Him every Sunday morning.

We went to this Old Rex cafe for a quick breakfast before going to our church service.

For our statter, we had some fritters from the ever-famous Old Rex Cucur Udang stall.

Super loved the chilli with crushed peanuts dipping. 

My kids and hubby had seafood kolo mee each. Not bad looking; the noodle was elastic yet firm.

And I had my dose of Sarawak laksa. Yes, laksa again! I am pretty predictable some days. When there is nothing much to eat or I spotted a laksa stall, I got to have it. Quite addictive, if you asked me.

2 mornings in a row, I were having laksa for breakfast that weekend. The day before, I had mine in this Wang Full Food Court.

Never mind, my tummy can stand the spices-infused, tasty and sinful bowl of laksa. This old-school Sarawak laksa was so good that I even finished up the broth.

One of the best Sarawak laksa around is in this Old Rex Cafe. Yummylicious!

P.S. Initially I wanted to eat tomato kway teow there but apparently that fried food stall has closed down for quite sometime. And I heard mee jawa was good too but it was closed on Sunday.


  1. Yea...over here the weather also uncertain, Kejap very hot kejap raining .

    When raining, nice to eat laksa

  2. I think laksa is a brilliant choice for rainy days, Rose. Looks yum!
    It's not raining much at my corner these days and the weather is warmer too.

  3. Hi Rose, weather over here is also uncertain. Really have to watch the sky if I need to do my laundry. I love laksa. Can never refuse a good tasty laksa even in the morning.

  4. I prefer Peterson to Old Rex, even the chili dip looks nicer. No laksa there though.

  5. Laksa again? Well, I can eat it 3 times a week! I love laksa too, dear. xoxo

  6. Seafood kolo mee sounds good. I like to eat Sarawak laksa too but have not been to Sarawak to eat the authentic ones.

  7. I love Sarawak laksa too but of course I have not tried the ones from Sarawak itself as I have never been to Sarawak. Would love to plan a trip to Sabah or Sarawak one of these days but they are so huge, I don't know where to start!

  8. I love the cucur there. The legend!

  9. I like the laksa there too, small serving normally, but few months already didn't go there la.

  10. I loves Sarawak laksa, but here, not many places sell Sarawak laksa...