Monday, September 28, 2015

Vibrant with food

Before it ended on 26th, we managed to visit Mooncake Carnival that was held in the bazaar of old Batu Kawa town on one evening last week. 

This 1-week old Batu Kawa bazaar mooncake carnival has turned the quiet town into a vibrant and lively one. Decorated with lanterns, there were many food, delicacies and mooncakes on sales here. Stage shows and singing were also a part of the carnival.

It is just around 10 minutes drive from our house, so we would not want to miss out on the excitement, right??

Mooncake (or suncake??) in the sky!!

We were there early to avoid the crowd and jam. It was 530pm so we did not see the stage show and stay for the night to fall to see the colours on the street.
The welcoming entrance


The bazaar was a very short stretch so it did not take us that long to finish browsing around. 

By the time we finished buying our dinner, the crowd starting to come in. Oh boy, thankfully we were able to avoid this sea of crowds and parking could be a problem then.

The kids were hungry and could not help but to bite into those freshly made yue tiaw!

We bought our dinner mostly from the stall above to eat at home. Our dinner consisted of chicken curry, yue tiaw, chicken pansuh, ngoh hiang, stuffed toufu, fried bee hoon with cangkuk manis and bak chang.

Bak chang with lots of groundnuts

Very Hakka cuisine with those fried bee hoon, Hakka chang, stuffed toufu and ngoh hiang. As for the ayam pansuh, hubby has wanted to try it out. He missed his hometown looking at this dish but he said this dish cannot compared to his mum's. Mum's tasted better and flavourful. Lol.


  1. I must try ayam Pansu next time. Never had this. Hubby had before where he was working there

  2. Yummy, I love love love stall foods.. Can buy many varieties, and maybe can much in the car too.. I usually will buy extra goreng-goreng stuff to munch in the car first, yummzzz..

  3. Yummy selection of food, Rose! The mooncake bazaar is a brilliant move. I wish I'd heard of one here. I would surely go!

  4. Oh? His mum's better? Next time you all go home, tapao some for me, ok? Hehehehehe!!!!

    I see got the tepus, the daun kesum...pansoh must have those, if not not nice...but we will usually crumple the tapioca leaves...or pound them, easier to chew.

  5. Ah!!! I see the little one - yellow t-shirt, botak head! LOL!!! Hey! Your hubby so thin now, eh? Not nice and cuddly anymore, eh? :D

  6. Chicken pansuh, ngoh hiang are new to me. Have not tried these before. I like the stuffed tofu, looks very nice and tasty!

  7. Chicken pansu I want to try too. So nice got mooncake carnival to visit. I am not sure whether there is a mooncake carnival in KL or not.

  8. I used to go there last time. It was a quiet town after the New MJC operating. Bet you had fun with the children that day. 😉

  9. I would love to stroll along the busy and happening street with may food vendors. The eyes will not get full..hahhaha