Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our anniversary dinner

We had our anniversary dinner a night early on Sunday since Monday is a school and work day.  And most eatery places are off on Monday night.  So we celebrated our 9th anniversary on Sunday evening.  More of a family dinner with the kids who were excited and kept asking me what is "anniversary".  Lol!
Hubby suggested Jambu as the venue since I never been there before.  Jambu has been there for many years but I never dine there.  Not many people recommended this place so I guess the food is so-so.  But to my surprise, the place is very beautiful and intriguing.  Feel like you stepping into different time zone with its unique decoration and chic antiques.  Hubby mentioned the place is owned by an Australian so that is why his interests in such fascinating interior.
The kids were very much at home in Jambu and that is much to our dismay because we were worry they will break a thing because they have many things around.  But other that having pillow fights, the kids were enjoying themselves while hubby and I have some private times for a while.  *wink*

We were welcomed by its nice fountain with many gold fishes in the mini pond at the entrance.
One of its decoration that I find interesting.

Nice assortment of magazine greeted you in the washroom

Me and kids spent some times in the washroom because we could not get our eyes off the decoration
I did not take much of the interior of the place because it was rather dark.  The main hall is under renovation and we were having our dinner on one side of the house.  So not much seating in there, but it was not packed when we were there around 7pm.  And here come our order.  
My salmon with vegetable salad

Hubby has its grilled lamb rack

We ordered its Aglio de Olio for sharing with the kids

My girl hardly could finish the beef burger but thanks to Jay, she able to finish up the fries

My cheeky kids who were having great times in Jambu
If you ask me, Jambu is not a good place for nice food.  There is other nicer place to enjoy great Western food with such prices in Kuching.  But if you are looking for a nice pub or chit chatting place with some privacy, Jambu is a good recommendation.  *wink*


  1. Well, at least your hubby made the day and you all have a great dinner at Jambu.

  2. I never been to Jambu too.
    Btw, Happy Anniversary!

  3. Went there a long long time ago. Ok but not too impressed so I never went back again.

  4. romantic place. Hope I get to visit this place one day

  5. I think this place has a very nice ambience to celebrate an occasion. What a nice celebration you had with your family.