Thursday, June 13, 2013

Done with her school transfer

I have done with my daughter's school transfer stuff.  Am glad everything went smoothly.
Collected the forms from her school before the school holiday and after filling the forms (2 types of forms with 4 copies each) and photocopied the relevant documents, I passed to the school headmaster for his signature. 
Collected the forms from the headmaster office on Monday and yesterday, I went to the Pedawan Education Department for their approval.  The government building is just few metres away from the Chung Hua Primary School No 6, which is about 10 minutes drive from our house.  First time being to this building.  Never knew of its existence till yesterday.
I heard that it usually take few days or weeks for approval but I am glad that it only take about 30 minutes yesterday because no submission except mine. The staff is helpful and friendly.    She came back with 3 copies of approval letters.  I was advised to pass one copy (with attached documents) to Sibu's Education Department, and an approval letter to the current school.  I keep one copy of the letter. 
My girl's transfer is the 3rd in her class.  The teachers were rather surprised that we are moving to Sibu because they commented my girl did well in her exam.  She actually came top in her class.  But what to do???  Hubby is transferring to Sibu office so we are going over end of June and the kids can start in their respective schools on 1 July.
Posted the forms over to my SIL in Sibu this morning for her to pass to the Sibu Education Department.  Never knew there was so much procedure to be done for a school transfer.  However I am glad that everything is done on my part and I can concentrate on other matters now. 


  1. Wah.. So you all really are moving..

  2. Transferring school is always hard for the kids. I did that once & my son missed all his classmates. Thankfully, he got adapted rather easily. Hope all's well with your kid too!

  3. Glad to hear that everything is ok...

  4. Kids, schools and transfer issue... luckily everything is settle down now. A relief...

    Take care Rose.

  5. See you in Sibu! Nicer here, life's slower...more relaxing...but school's very kiasu one. Everybody wants to be No. 1.

  6. Vina, yes we moving but be back here in few years time.

    Shirley, I hope the kids settle down and adapt comfortably over there.

    Hayley, thanks.

    Angeline, yes. Now time to sort out things and pack them.

    Arthur, see you in Sibu. haha. I heard so much about some Sibu schools. The parents, kids and schools are very competitive.